Calculated Column Issue with Special character [‘]

Recently one of my good friend was working with Calculated Column
He wanted to perform few actions based on this column. The formula for calculated column is as below which he entered:

=CONCATENATE(“<a target='_blank' href=‘”,”http://mysharepointserver:1234/Pages/Sample.aspx?RootFolder=&#8221;,Title,“‘>”,Title,”“)

When Title=Test’s (with special character – Apostrophe).
URL returns like :
http://mysharepointserver:1234/Pages/Sample.aspx?RootFolder=Test (actual value for Title was “Test’s”)

URL should returns like :

It was a silly mistake only. The correct formula is :
=CONCATENATE(“<a target='_blank' href=“””,”http://myserver:1234/Pages/Photo%20Gallery.aspx?RootFolder=&#8221;,Title,“””>”,Title,”“)

See below snap :

Hope this will help others also!!!


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