Documents inside a folder not showing when a filter is applied? Why?


Recently, I was working with Document library which contains Folders along with number of documents. Documents are assigned to particular users. That I am managing by creating Views.

I have added a custom column called “ProjectName” (type = string) to a Document List. I then set different views in different pages to filter on that column.

The problem is that, when applying the filter, documents stored inside folders are not shown even if the value of the ProjectName column corresponds to the one set in the filter.( Filtered by “Assigned To”- [Me] )


I have used SharePoint UI to create View. So you need to follow below mentioned steps

Content Type Equals Folder


And then add the additional condition you wish to apply to the documents (in my case Assign To=[Me])

UI looks like as below after doing the changes.


This way folders will always be displayed but their contents will be filtered based on the additional constraint.

This will cause folders to be displayed whether or not they contain any children matching the additional constraint but you will be able to navigate the hierarchy.


Hope this will help someone 🙂


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