SharePoint 2010 Hold and eDiscovery Feature – Part 3

Now its time to apply Holds which we have created in previous post.

Applying  a Hold in SharePoint 2010

To apply a hold, navigate to the record you wish to preserve and open its Compliance Details dialog box.

Once you click on “Compliance Details” new window will be opened as below :

In the Compliance Details dialog box click on ‘Add/Remove from hold’ and the ‘Item Hold Status’ window opens.

Select the ‘Add to a hold’ option and use the drop-down selection box to choose the relevant hold to apply to this record.  The ‘Comments’ field is not required, however, I strongly encourage its use.  For litigation purposes, it is a good idea to explain the purpose for the hold and add any other information that might provide value in a legal or regulatory investigation.

Click on ‘Save‘ and the hold will be applied. After this the record will look like below screen.

You can see black square which shows ‘”Lock” image. It says the record cannot be deleted and will not be destroyed through its Information Management Policy until the new hold is removed.

If user tries to delete this record, It will give an error message as below screen


SharePoint 2010 will not allow the record to be destroyed until all the holds are removed.

Hope this would help!!!

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