SharePoint 2010 Hold and eDiscovery Feature – Part 2

Now its time to create Holds!!!!

Creating a Hold :

Creating a hold in SharePoint 2010 is a simple process and has not changed much from MOSS 2007.

Login to SharePoint as a user with administrator privileges.

Click on Site Actions and select Site Settings.

From the ‘Hold and eDiscovery’ category, click on ‘Holds’.

Click on ‘Add new item’ and the ‘Holds – New Item’ dialog opens.

Enter a Title for the hold.  (This is the only required field.)  The Title should be brief, but connect the hold to the reason for preserving the records.

The Description should expand on the information provided in the Title.  If your organization is in a particularly litigious industry, the Description field is a good place to clarify some of the legal issues that might be relevant to the reason for applying the hold.

For Managed By, enter a user or group responsible for managing the hold. Click on ‘Save’ and the new hold is created and available to be applied to records. The next post in this series will describe how holds are applied to records.

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