SharePoint 2010 : Configure Multilingual Site

Recently one of my customer want to develop a SharePoint 2010 site in multiple languages for different countries.

Multilingual Sites are very nice feature provided by SharePoint 2010 and it’s very useful for the companies having business in various cultures/countries.

Here is a step by step guidelines for creating and configuring sites in multiple languages and use variations.

How to Install Language Pack in SharePoint 2010:

Microsoft provides number of great features in SharePoint 2010 for end users. Language pack is one of them.

It provides the ability to view SharePoint in different languages Such as Hindi, Arabic, Bulgarian,Dutch, Chinese…etc.

Microsoft provides 40 Different language pack including English (Default Language of SharePoint). One interesting thing is that in one language pack number of sub-languages are also available. For example in Hindi language pack, other Indian languages are also present such as “Punjabi,Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Urdu, and Telugu……etc”.

We can also install multiple language pack on same SharePoint server. Then we can enable existing site with one or more of installed languages.

Follow steps below to install Language Pack in SharePoint 2010.

Step 1: Download Language Pack which you want from Microsoft Site

I need to download Hindi Language Pack so let’s Choose Hindi from drop down List. After clicking on Hindi wait for few seconds, new window will be open in Hindi. Click on Download, which is highlighted. It takes few minutes to download. After completion of downloading Double click on “ServerLanguagePack.exe” to start setup.

Step 2: Re-run Configuration wizard.

Step 3: Viewing Installed Language Packs:

After installing language pack successfully in SharePoint. We are able to see list of installed language pack.

You can view from Central Admin —>Upgrade and Migration –> Check product and path installation status

That’s it for download and install different language packs.

Read this post for “How to use of Resource file in Web Part for Multilingual Site


  1. Hi Kirti

    We have installed the Hindi language pack for SharePoint but could not get SharePoint to work on other Indian languages such as Telugu and Panjabi etc.

    Even the TechNet confirms so far only Hindi is supported on SharePoint.

    Please clarify about the non-Hindi Indian Language support for SharePoint.

    Thanks & Regards,

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