SharePoint 2013 Revealed…!!!

Microsoft is slated to release their new SharePoint 2013 at the end of 2012. They are excited to release the new SharePoint 2013 that comes with many exciting features that they hope will revolutionize the SharePoint environment.

With many features set to take the SharePoint world by storm, one of the most exciting features of SharePoint 2013 is the new OAuth function. If you don’t know what that is, basically it allows users to give one site the rights to use assets from another without having to store usernames and passwords. This is typically how websites like Facebook and LinkedIn give 3rd party apps the right to use users’ data from those accounts. Users can now merge contacts from one site to contacts in another completely different site.

Most of the features from SharePoint 2010 will be enhanced both by its functionality and its compatibility. Those include: Excel Services, Access Services, InfoPath Forms Services, User Profile Services, Search Services, Business Connectivity Services and PerformancePoint Services.

Another exciting feature Microsoft is including with the next SharePoint is the Minimal Download Strategy or MDS. It’s a new technology that lets websites send the changed version of a web part to a client directly. If a large web page with many various pieces had the same content, and that content was to be changed, the new MDS function would allow users to load only what changes between pages. This will save a considerable amount of time to download a web page and will be speed up the response time when a page is loaded.

Currently users can only version documents and listitems, but now Microsoft has added the feature to version entire parts of SharePoint.

For example, if the user would want to make changes to their large bulky website, they would have to copy the site, make any necessary changes and then upload it back. But now with the new function users can freeze the web site, create a new version of the website, make any necessary changes and then set the active web site as the new website.

Education services will be radically changed with the new  SharePoint 2013 and will compete with other education websites like Moodle and Blackboard.

Some of the more minor changes added to the new SharePoint 2013 include the release of SharePoint Duet. This will be a cloud version of the Duet add-on developed by SAP and Microsoft, which allows users to integrate and share SAP applications. This new feature can be now viewed from any Apple iPad device. Also, SharePoint developers have added a Metro User Interface, which allows users to see more information in site collections when they put their mouse over them.

These are the new functions that are expected for SharePoint 2013, a lot of great improvements that will make SharePoint even more convenient.

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