Login with different user in SharePoint 2010 designer

In browser it is easy to do Login with a different user in SharePoint 2010.

Have you ever been in to a situation where you want to test something with the help of Login with different user’s credentials in SharePoint designer? It is also very easy.

If you have used SPD2010 then you must know that there is no way to log in with the different user. You need to close designer and re-open if you wish to test something with different user’s credentials.

But in SharePoint designer is also very easy. We have an option to do that. However not many people know this. This is because the icon which allows us to do this almost goes unnoticed.

After opening your SharePoint 2010 site in SharePoint 2010 designer look at the small people icon in the left hand side down to Site Objects section as shown in the figure.


After click on the icon it will give you a confirmation dialog box asking to close all your items and log in as another user as shown in the figure below.


Once you click on OK it will show the dialog to give user name and password.

NOTE: This feature was not available in SharePoint Designer 2007.

Hope this handy tip helps you!!!


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