SharePoint 2013 new features

New Features:

  • Instead of six pillars in 2010, they have the following 4 features:

Organize, Discover, Build and Manage

  • Search:Combination of the SharePoint OOTB search and FAST search. It is called “SharePoint search
  • Whenever you create new site/list/libraries you can define the policy, terms, templates and Retention Policy.
  • HTML 5 compatible
  • Device Channel: In SP 2010, there was mobile and SharePoint version but in 2013, there are device channel options for android, ios with some additional features.
  • Short URL to any site/list/libraries. We don’t have to go through the additional steps to configure the hyperlink
  • Hover and Preview documents in Search Results, Doc Libraries, lists etc. you have the capability of editing and sharing in the preview itself.
  • Synchronization with SkyDrive(Available on the top Right corner of each page)
  • Navigation: We can edit and modify on the same location without going to the Site Actions>Site settings.
  • Edit with Dreamweaver (Master Page and CSS) and import the HTML code and apply in SharePoint.
  • Drag and Drop Master Page components and apply the changes.
  • Site Action moved again to right top side from left.
  • SharePoint 2013 is all about Application. Instead of creating a list in 2010, you create a list app in 2013. This feature is really cool.
  • Central Administration is exactly the same. They slightly changed the look and feel.
  • Apps Catalog to buy and install apps in SharePoint.
  • Instead of 14 Hive, SP 2013 has 15 Hive.
  • No In-Place Migration available, they recommend “Database move migration approach”
  • Social Networking (MySite, Discussion board, etc.) has been changed significantly. It works as the concept of Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • In SharePoint Designer 2013, there is only code section instead of having both Design and Code section (2010). They removed this because customization has been made ease on the same location itself.
  • Web Apps use their own farm instead of sharing on top of SharePoint.
  • No significant changes in the SharePoint OOTB workflows.
  • Video Search as in YouTube.

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