SharePoint 2013 Development – Installing and Configuring Visual Studio 2012 RC

After exploring new things on SP2013, i was looking out for SharePoint 2013 development. I installed Visual Studio 2012 RC, and When i try to create a new project, I could not find SharePoint 2013 projects. Only SharePoint 2010 Project was available. I need to build a solution to deploy in SharePoint 2013. How can i find the project ?

I found that why not able to see any template related to SP2013, because I have not installed things required for SharePoint 2013 Development.

I need to install Microsoft Web Platform Installer 4.0 RC. Open the URL –

Run the downloaded .exe fine and WebPI (Webp Platform Installer) 4.0 will start.

I need to find Office related templates, so write “Office” into search box and press enter. You can see screen as below:

You will get 3 tools related to office as shown in screen shot below. Click on “Add” for all of three.

And now press Install It will show you what is missing and what it can install for you.

Simply press “I Accept”. Installer will start downloading and installing selected components.

You can see that I got some errors and some success. Press Finish

So I Go back to Web Platform Installer and Add the component missing again and Install

This time eveything goes fine, I am not sure what went wrong first place.

I have installated tools/extensions required for Office/SharePoint development. Click on New Project and this time check that SharePoint is now renamed to Office/SharePoint.

Enjoy developing application using SP2013 Preview!!!!

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